Juha Hollo
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Artist Statement


     I admire how open children are with their imagination. I am fascinated with how my children when they were younger, viewed their world. Besides humans, fairies, elves, walking trees, and many other creatures lived in it. My children exchanged goods and letters with the borrowers. They also wondered how the trees knew to settle to same places after their nightly walks.
     In my art, I try to look at our world through that same magical lens always trying to see beyond what is visible to the naked eye. I strive to capture the awe I feel while standing next to the ocean, a centuries-old tree or gazing at a beautiful flower. I want to share my love of nature and explore that part of our surroundings that we cannot see with our eyes. In my work, I do not attempt to record the natural world as I see it. Instead, I use a computer as my paintbrush in my quest to uncover new ways to see the beauty and mystery of nature.
     My native language, Finnish, has a word “pyhä,” which means “sacred,” but in ancient Finnish also meant a border. In my art, I try to capture something from the other side of that border to get a glimpse of the world we can't see with our eyes. Sometimes I  must get very close to my subject to get a different perspective. Other times I need to manipulate an image on a computer to cross the border and discover a window for a viewer to engage with her imagination. Maybe it even allows the viewer to see her reflection on that window.
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